Ye want to see where some of the Stash Pirates live? Bein as we are all about maps, here's a map to some of the stash pirate abodes....


"Never thought I'd contact someone just to give them props, but here goes. I've been in advertising for 20+ years so believe me when I tell you that your copy and concept for the Stash Map is soooo tight. Well done! ...I did use it to earmark the exact location of off Nelson's where I sunk up to my chest in a tree well without being able to touch bottom. "

- T. W. - Miami Beach


"Map Props!! The map is incredible."
- Anon. Formally disgruntled local

"The content is very clever, as is the concept. The execution is gorgeous."
- Anon. Local Writer

"Bastard's Hollow is the same place I've known for 28 years... as I fervently hope no one finds it. If they do find it, I'm gonna make them walk the plank!"
- Local

"The map is awesome. We bought it just because it looked so cool and we wanted to hang it in our condo - and THEN realized the secret by laying it over a trail map - Wow!"
- 2nd Home Owner

"If I find that 'Cutthroat', I'll run him out of town on a rail!"
- Disgruntled Local

"The most dangerous man in Colorado "

- Snowboard Mag. online blog

"Hey I worked the W.J.W. lift in the 80's."
- Stash Pirate

"Our owners and visitors are going to go nuts over this. We get asked 20 times a day 'where's the great powder stashes?'."
- Head Concierge at Resort Property on the Mountain