T he stash map is a treasure map -- the finest pirate map ever produced in these parts. This map will take ya to well over a dozen 'X' marks the spot powder stashes, and tell ye a bit about them and how hard they are. Some are rideable even fer kids, some are as tough as catching cannonballs. All have unofficial names known to locals, and pirates alike, though them names ain't on no trail map. It's a great treasure hunt - to the greatest treasure at this here ski area.


So what's this treasure map look like? Aye! Tis a sight to behold -
A pirate ship surrounded by mysterious X's and descriptions of places like Twister-cane, 2:30 trees, and Calf Roper Freshies. It contains descriptions of the secret powder skiing stashes hidden deep all throughout the ski area. Untie the leather bind, unroll the scroll, and you'll be staring at a beauty of a map; aye -- frameable it be!. Here be a hint of it, and if yer' really want to be seeing the map, click on it....

Written by pirates, it reveals the secret locations of powder stashes previously known only to locals and stash pirates. Get the map and unlock the treasure of the hidden powder stashes! Arrrr, NOW ye be a stash pirate too!