I f ye be needing a map sent right to ya, well then yer

a raider of the first order, an we be not daft enough to deny ye yer craven. Yer map's worth it's weight in dry fluffy powder, but will cost you $19.95 + $5 fer rollin, tying, packing, and shipping- arrgh makes me need some grog just think'n about it. . All maps are shipped iv USPS First class mail. First Class, that be more class then all me pirate mates combined! Expect it in 3-5 days if their ain't a blizzard or powder so deep I'm lost!


Get it right here, right now, using the following payment system:





Or give a call - better yet drop in to one of the following:

IF YE BE STAYIN' DOWNTOWN,or sailin' into port there, ye'll find but two pirate haven hoarding the Stash Map! Head to the back of the Epilogue Bookstore downtown on Lincoln about 9th St. Me beauty Raven, and her band of literary pirates, be cut of the finest cloth and will give up the Stash map -- for a price!

Epilogue Book Company

E-mail: info@epiloguebookco.com
Local Phone: 970-879-2665
Alternate phone: 866-455-2665
Fax: 970-879-9028
Web: http://www.epiloguebookco.com




There be only ONE real, live coral reef in this town. If ye be needing a fix of saltwater, reefs, fish, and reptile, ye can visit me pirate mate Gavin at Tropical Rockies. You a get the Stash Map, puruse it while relaxing in the reef relaxation room, and talk pirate with Gavin!


Tropical Rockies
625 S. Lincoln Ave. #204

Steamboat Springs, CO

970 879-1909


If ye'd be want'n to sell the Stash map at yer fine establishment, give an 'ahoy' at: